Providing quality assessments and fair admissions in the Republic of Azerbaijan


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The State Students Admission Commission accepts appeals online. You may appeal by clicking on “Online support” and filling in the form. The SSAC will process the questions and reply via e-mail in shortest possible period of time.

 The frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below must be read before appealing, as an answer may be found there.

What will be the number of subjects with open questions this year in the admission examination?

The SSAC plans to use 4 open questions for 3 subjects in each speacialty group:
Group I – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry;

Group II – Mathematics, Geography and mother language;

Group III – Mathematics, History and mother language;

Group IV – Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology.

Are points deleted for incorrect answers?


Will 9th (or 11th ) grade students be certified (or provided with ATTESTAT) even if they score “2” from the School Leaving Examination?


Is there age limit for admission to Masters degree?

According to the admittance standards there are no age limit for citizens wishing to apply to Azerbaijan Higher Education Institutions Masters degree.

Are the scores on the bachelors degree diploma considered when applying to Masters degree?

Yes, during the competition, if two or more applicants score same points then the grades achieved on the bachelors degree diploma is considered.

Where to get the SSAC payment cards required for the participation in the admission and pre-test examinations?

The virtual payment card (which costs 2 AZN) used to make payment during electronic application may be ordered by sending SMS to the number 7725. The customer (abituriyent) will receive job number and password of the card on the mobile phone.

The virtual payment card (which costs 3 AZN) used to make payment for pre-test examination registration may be ordered by sending SMS to the number 7735. The customer (abituriyent) will receive card serial number and Pin code of the card on the mobile phone.

Cards may be ordered from “Azercell”, “Bakcell” and “Nar mobile” mobile operators.

The SSAC advices applicants to not loose the information indicated on the virtal payment cards and keep themconfidetntial.

When ordering the card via mobile phone 18% VAT is charged as well.

What changes are planned for the admission to the Higher Education Institutions’ specialties requiring special abilities?

Applicant, wishing to get in to specialty requiring special ability from group V, must firstly pass the Aptitude Examination Commssion and then participate in the final (School leaving) examination (graduates of previous years attend similar type of examination). Finally, successful applicants are chosen to participate in the Aptitude Examination.

When will the admission examinations to Higher Education Institutions of the Russian Federation be administered?

It will be announced on the SSAC web-site and in different media once Russia presents the vacant places available for azerbaijani applicants. (April-May)

How to register for the pre-test examination?

It is done only via internet and the deadline for registration is Thursday (10:00) of the week in which the examination is to be administered.

-National ID card and the SSAC payment card 2013 (The virtual payment card (which costs 3 AZN) used to make payment for pre-test examination) are equired for the rgistration;

-Foreigners with document proving their right to live in Azerbaijan can register in the same way;

-Refugees from other countries and asylum seekers may register by having their “Document of Protection”.

How are the grades on the cretificate proving the scores achieved in the 9th grade of school considered when applying to the Initial Vocational Education and Training Institutions?

The competition is  made based on overall point scored by the applicant in the admission (school leaving) examination.

If two or more applicants have similar overall scores from the admission examination then the overall average grade of applicant and the score achieved in subject of mother language are compared.

I have studied German language at High School, but I know english language better. May I choose English as a foreign language for my admission examination, or is it a must to choose the language indicated in my attestat (German)?

It does not matter, if the foreign language is the one indicated in ATTESTAT.
Applicant must make sure that when completing the application form the foreign language to be examined is clearly indicated.