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Presentation of automated digital printing system in Paris

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The SSAC-owned Digital Examination Production and Audit System (DEPAAS) was presented in Canon EXPO 2015 Paris, which is a comprehensive showcase capturing the full depth and breadth of our vision, highlighting our best-in-class imaging products and solutions and dedication to providing industry-leading services. Representative of Canon company, Mr. Vim Martens shared that the presentation attracted very many people.

In 2012, the State Students Admission Commission (SSAC) developed a Digital Examination Production and Audit System (DEPAAS) project and after the purchase of necessary parts of the System, it was fully set up for execution of operational tasks. 

The main objective of DEPAAS is to improve the quality of printed materials, to produce personalized test books for each test taker, packed according to testing rooms and test centers. Fully automated production assures accuracy of entire test printing process.

The system was tested in 2014 and firstly used in low-stake exams. Starting from 2015, DEPAAS started to be implemented almost for all SSAC’s exams and about 600.000 test books were printed via this system. To view the System's application at the SSAC's work, you may watch a presentation called "On a Test Day". 

The System consists of various equipment and software of Canon, Sony, Kirk-Rudy, Axode and is a market leader in this field.

In 2015, representatives of Canon Incorporation presented the system in Paris at Canon Expo-2015 exhibition according to the agreement with the SSAC. Representatives of Canon Incorporation, Vim Martens commented that presentation attracted many people.

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